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A lower cost, simpler and safer aerial and video production solution!



  • Aerobot Services conducts low altitude flights while transmitting live video/audio feeds and recording high definition video and images in digital format.
  • Aerobot Services uses the latest in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) devices ranging from long-range high altitude gliders, helicopters, and multicopters.
  • Our services are customized to produce the desired digital media captures along a pre-planned flight path and/or while "hovering" at one or more GPS or designated locations and altitudes.
  • Captured media can be delivered in either raw media captures (no editing or processing) or edited, mixed, and processed according the the customer's specifications.
  • Live video surveys, searches and inspections can be customer directed during a live aerial session (video displayed on large screen monitor) or conducted as to customer defined inspection criteria with post session deliverables.

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